বাংলাদেশ মৎস্য হাসপাতাল

Bangladesh Fish Hospital

Since 2016

Md. Masud Rana

Chairman Bangladesh Fish Hospital

From Chairman

It is a great pleasure for me to be the Chairman of Bangladesh Fish Hospital (BFH), Dhaka, Bangladesh. Bangladesh is an agricultural country and a large part of agriculture is occupied by fish farming. We are Bengalis in fish and rice, the existence of Bengalis without fish cannot be imagined. Fish farming is widely practiced in ponds, rivers, canals, beels, haors, baors and other water bodies in Bangladesh. As a result, Bangladesh has become a role model in fish farming in the world. Today Bangladesh is self-sufficient in fish production and millions of people are making a living by engaging in various activities in the fisheries sector. Although fish farming is a very lucrative business, due to lack of experience, diseases, lack of proper guidance and adverse effects of nature, fish farmers often face losses which have a major negative impact on the fisheries sector and the country’s economy. 

From the side of fish farmers to give them the right direction regarding modern techniques of fish farming, to help in eradicating fish disease, to find out the best causes of fish disease and to solve it with various information related to fish farming. Bangladesh Fish Hospital was established in 2016 to help farmers get the desired yield and protect them from losses.  Ponds, enclosures, cages, biofloc, RAS, raceways, tanks, aquaponics, aquariums, any other method of fish production, farms, extension workers or officials, fishermen, fisher researchers, equipment sellers, NGOs involved in fish farming and development, The purpose of opening Bangladesh Fish Hospital is to build a bridge between entrepreneurs and all individuals interested in fish farming. While fish farming, we face various diseases of fish, environmental problems, adoption of new technology and various problems.

If any person facing any such problem related to fish farming does not know the fisheries or fisheries researcher or extension worker in this fish hospital, but a farmer knows the solution from his previous experience. Then he will come forward and cooperate with advice. In this way we will be the drivers of each other’s development through mutual cooperation.